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aurawind [userpic]
by aurawind (aurawind)
at April 20th, 2011 (01:46 am)

current mood: thoughtful

 Hi, this is my very first post to the community... and what I can I say? I loved the movie, all the characters were beyond adorable, and now I'm very curious and willing to learn more about this fandom. I decided to join because I know both Hina and Juno from the Megamind community, and I know that, when they like something, it's because it's something awesome. And this movie definitely is!

My fav human character is Tulio, he's so clumsy, yet so cute at same time! And my fav bird is Blu, of course <3
But I have some questions. What is the name of the little kid who kidnaps Blu and Jewel? And the name of the small yellow bird who tries to help our fav couple of blue parrots? I just watched the movie once and I couldn't get all the names...

Without more to say, love and hugs to everyone!



Posted by: Juno (junosunderland)
Posted at: April 20th, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)

Aura, it's great to have you here! :3 -hug-

The kid who kidnaps Blu and Jewel is named Fernando :3 and the little bird (I assume you one you mean has the bottle cap on his head) is Nico 83 (Jamie Foxx why is your voice so sexy? unf, hahaha)

Posted by: aurawind (aurawind)
Posted at: April 20th, 2011 10:25 am (UTC)

thankies Juno *huggles back*

So these aretheir names! Fernando was so adorable... I wanted to hug him tightly :3 And Nico was super cute too x3

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