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Juno [userpic]
Welcome to the Community!
by Juno (junosunderland)
at April 18th, 2011 (05:44 am)
current mood: Joyous!
current song: Fly Love - Rio OST

Seeing as there wasn't an existing community for this gloriously awesome movie, my friend ds_hina and I decided to start and LJ Comm for it! She's our excellent community leader, and I am our sole moderator (as of now!).

We both found this movie to be not just insanely adorable, but well put together. Rio has a solid story, an amazing cast, and, for those who were lucky enough to see it in 3D, some of the most fantastic use of the third D I've ever seen in an animated movie. All of that, plus a crazy addictive soundtrack, and we were both sold on it!

So we welcome you, and hope that you enjoy your stay here - I look forward to watching this community grow and flourish. If you have any questions, ideas, etc, feel free to write Hina or I, and we will respond as promptly as possible.

Welcome to Rio!

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